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Learn to make the famous liqueur of Ibiza – Hierbas Ibicencas

This is our fun and interactive Hierbas making workshop, held at Kasbah!

We can’t decide if its the tranquil seaside location, the beautiful views or the stunning sunsets that make Kasbah so great, but it wont matter as you will get to experience it all when you come for our workshops. Combined with fantastic food, exquisite cocktails, and the special gin and tonic menu done by the Ibizan tonic water – Botink – it makes the perfect place to have dinner and watch the sun go down.


The Workshop…

This workshop is all about making the famous liqueur of Ibiza that is Hierbas Ibicencas.

We start off with going through some of the history of Hierbas on Ibiza, how the locals used to prepare it in the traditional way, and why they were doing this. We then go into how this relates to an even deeper history of alcohol and medicine within Europe and the world.

You will get to taste different types of Hierbas from around Ibiza too. We will have a selection of different versions so you can taste what some of the differences are between the main brand, and some of the more artisanal styles.

All the herbs, botanicals, and flowers will be displayed on the table in front of you – with the majority of them picked fresh from the island just for this workshop. You will get to touch, smell, taste them all. We will tell you where you can find them in the wild, and also explain a little about the medicinal properties of each.

And last of all you will get to select your own herbs to make your own bottle, which you can personalise to your taste. We pour in the anis liqueur, close the bottle, and give it an authentic wax seal. Complete with a personalised label with your name on it you get to take it home and show it off to your friends and family!

The hardest part is waiting for your beautiful bottle to become ready to drink!


Date: Tuesday 14th August
Time: 6pm – 1.5 – 2 hours
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Bookings are essential: As places are limited, and event details can change it’s important to contact us if you are interested in attending.

To make a booking please click “book now” to select your venue and date. We ask for a refundable €10 deposit to secure your place on the workshop.

Bonus Special Offer – free G&T!

As part of a special offer for anyone on the workshop, we have teamed up with Botink to offer you a free very Ibizan gin & tonic to anyone who decides to stay for food after the workshop.

The gin is a drinkworkshop gin, which you can make in our gin distilling classes, and the tonic is made by Botink – a new boutique tonic producer in Ibiza.

Botink produce two styles tonic waters, both made 100% on the island with soft spring water from Ibiza’s heart and a subtle blend of Ibiza wild herbs. One tonic is in classic style, with specially selected quinine from the congo in Africa, is crisp clean and dry. The other is a new style of tonic that is 100% natural. Both are outstanding mixers and make a sublime gin and tonic!

To find out more about Botink you can find them here: www.botink.com

If you have any further questions please feel free to get in touch:

(+34) 622 232 559

+34 622 232 559