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All about gin…

Gin is in! So the saying goes… it certainly has made a resurgence in recent years. It’s clear to see this by the way that new gin distilleries are popping up every week, there are specialist gin & tonic bars, and restaurants are offering a separate gin & tonic menu. And why wouldn’t they? For a single spirit it truly is amazing what a range of flavours gin can express. So this is what this workshop aims to cover – the amazingly versatile spirit known as gin.


Gin Tastings…

And what is the best way to learn about gin? To drink gin! In this workshop there will be a range of interesting and premium gins to try, showcasing different styles and varieties. These will be available with some different tonic waters too, one of them being a totally natural and artisanal style of tonic made in Ibiza.

Gin Distilling…

What then, is the other best way to learn about gin? To make gin! It’s not too many places where you can attend a gin tasting and also get to take part in a live gin distillation too. We will have one of our specially hand crafted mini copper pot stills and perform a live gin distillation during the workshop. You will get to take part in selecting the botanicals and see how the distillation process works, and finally get to drink the gin that you took part in making.

What is included?

Included in the workshop are 4 x gin and tonics (slightly smaller tasting sizes) with interesting and premium gins, a variety of different tonic waters + a live gin distillation. Included is Monkey 47 and LAW gin of Ibiza, and a special selection from Botink tonic water, made in Ibiza.

If anyone is interested in gin and would like to know & taste more of this versatile spirit then this is perfect for you!

Proudly supported by Botink Ibiza

Botink (botanical drink) produce two styles tonic waters, both made 100% on the island with soft spring water from Ibiza’s heart and a subtle blend of Ibiza wild herbs. One tonic is in classic style, with specially selected quinine from the congo in Africa, is crisp clean and dry. The other is a new style of tonic that is 100% natural. Both are outstanding mixers and make a sublime gin and tonic!

To find out more about Botink you can find them here: www.botink.com


Date: Tuesday 22nd August
Time: 6pm – Around 2 hours
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