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The gin resurgence continues

There is no denying it, gin is huge at the moment. It’s clear to see this by the way that new gin distilleries are popping up every week, there are specialist gin & tonic bars, and restaurants are offering a separate gin & tonic menu. And why wouldn’t they? For a single spirit it truly is amazing what a range of flavours gin can express. So this is what this workshop aims to cover – the amazingly versatile spirit known as gin.

But what is gin, really? Some of you will know it’s all about botanicals. Others will eagerly point out that gin contains juniper berries. Most know that it is a distilled spirit.

But how to you make it, really? Does it actually make you cry? What are botanicals anyway? Why are they seemingly bottled are random alcohol strengths? What does London Dry mean? Why can London Dry gin be made in Germany, but Plymouth gin can only be made in Plymouth? Is all that extra pizzaz in a gin & tonic really necessary?

Find out all this and more, and get hands on making some gin from scratch in our gin experience workshop at Los Otros in the north of the island.


The Workshop

In this workshop we will diving right into the world of gin and covering things such as it’s history, how it’s made + production methods, botanicals, where tonic water and G&Ts came from, and of course we will be making some gin on the day. By the end you will be a gin master, and be able to say you have had experience first hand in making it!

We start off by getting right into it, and setting up our mini copper pot alembic still, selecting our botanicals and beginning the process of distilling gin. We will be making gin in a London Dry style, and the process is exactly the same as the way the big distilleries do, albeit on a much smaller scale. You’ll get to see first hand how the process works, see the ratio of botanicals, and see how the copper pot stills function. The distilling process will take around an hour, and once complete the gin is ready to be consumed right away.

While thats under way, we start with our first gin and tonic tasting. We will start with a very classic style of gin paired with tonic water made here in Ibiza. Once you are enjoying your first G&T we’ll then start to discuss the history of gin, going back to the dutch times of genever. How the English reinvented the spirit, and how this led to the demise of the population during the gin craze of the 1700s which coined the term “mothers ruin”. This leads us to the gin styles that developed from there, and the new world styles we have today.

We’ll cover things such as distilling methods, and get into the world of botanicals covering the most common ones and how they affect the flavour profile of different gins.

We’ll jump across to the gin & tonic. Explore it’s origin during the times when India used to be the part of the British empire, and the British officers stationed there used quinine as an anti-malarial drug. We will go back even further to the 1600s when this time Spain had the biggest empire of the world, and how they discovered quinine as an anit-malarial in the bark of a tree in Central America. We’ll talk a bit about tonic water today, and explain a little about the tonic water made here in Ibiza.

From there we will jump into a mini gin and tonic masterclass, which will cover things from glassware, ice, gin and tonic pairings, garnishes, and serving methods. We hope to lay down any misconceptions about the infamous gin & tonic which should just be a simple drink to be enjoyed!

Lastly, when the distillation of the gin is complete, we will measure the alcohol content, dilute it to drinking strength, and then we all get to enjoy a gin & tonic with the gin we just made!

All in all, it’s aimed to be a fun, informative and hands on experience where you get to unravel the wonderful world of gin.

What’s included?

  • Various gin and tonic tastings (the quanitiy is not fixed as it depends on what you want to try, but it will be at least 3x gin and tonics)
  • Gin distilling
  • Unlimited water
  • Snacks and nibbles will be provided
  • Additional info:

    The workshops are held in English, with some references available in Spanish and German.

    Advanced bookings only – Reserve your place

    Bookings are essential: To get involved in some gin goodness you must make an advanced booking. We only run small workshops with very limited places, so it’s important to book through our website by clicking the green button below.

    To make a booking please click “Book me in!” – We will ask for a small refundable €10 deposit to secure your place.

    Date: Thursday 2nd August
    Time: 5pm – around 1hr 30mins – 2 hours
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    €39 per person

    Get in touch

    If you have any further questions please feel free to get in touch:

    We will be more than happy to answer any questions, or respond to any special requests. Alternatively if you are thinking about organising a private workshop we will be happy to explain what we can do for you also.

    (+34) 622 232 559

    +34 622 232 559


    Proudly supported by Botink Ibiza

    Botink (the dame comes from botanical drink) is a new small scale producer on the island that produces two styles tonic water locally. For both tonics they use soft spring water from the heart of Ibiza and a subtle blend of Ibiza wild herbs. One tonic is in classic style, with specially selected high quality quinine from the Congo in Africa, giving it a softer bitterness without any harsh chemical notes. The other is a new style of tonic that is 100% natural made using an extraction of cinchona bark, which naturally contains quinine. This creates a delicate and complicated bitterness that showcases the flavour of the gin, and makes for an interesting natural alternative to the more commercial style. Both are outstanding mixers and make a sublime gin and tonic!

    To find out more about Botink you can find them here: www.botink.com