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Its amazing how much flavour variance one spirit can have. Simply put, gin is a spirit flavoured with botanicals with the predominant flavour coming from juniper berries. Yet this spirit has a long history and complexity which makes it one of the most popular spirits in the world today.

If you have ever wondered what goes into making gin you can now take away all the mystery by taking part in our unique and special workshop where you get to become the master distiller and craft your very own bottle of gin. Each person gets to operate their own mini copper pot still and choose their own botanicals to design what will be their own personal bottle.

Workshop Details

  • Prices start from €110
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • All items are included
  • Get to operate your own hand crafted copper pot still
  • Gin tastings and gin tonics included
  • Take home your own bottle of gin that you designed and ditsilled
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Workshop Format

We start with a meet and greet, introduce you to gin and the equipment you will use. We will then go through some gin tastings and start to delve into what gin is.

We will cover how its made, the different styles, the history behind it, and the botanicals which go into making gin.

You will be able to smell and taste the different botanicals and their distillates for you to get an idea of how these come together to make the characteristic of the gins you know and love.

We will then go into distillation, how it works, why its important, and the techniques behind it.

Finally we then get to make our own bottle of gin. There will be a range of botanicals for you to choose from. You will have base recipes to use as a guide, and from there you can choose whatever you like to go into your new gin. We will carefully weigh all the botanicals, and add them to your own mini copper pot still where you get to go through a complete distillation of your gin.

Finally once the distillation is over you will get to bottle your final product. We provide labels so you can be listed as the master distiller and you can show this off to your family and friends!

Throughout the workshop there will be gins and gin and tonics to try out. The workshop is aimed at anyone who is interested in gin and distilling and is designed to be fun and interactive – no need to have any prior experience in.. anything.

Reserve a Place

If you would like to reserve a place on our workshop please please go to our events calendar and select a date and venue that suits you.

Alternatively, if you dont see a date available we may be able to do a private session for you. See below for details.

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Private booking

Private workshops are available! Perfect for hen parties, private villas, events, functions, or just an activity to do between friends. We ask for a minimum of 3 people and can come to you, or you can choose to do the workshop at one of our partner venues.

Should you wish to arrange a private workshop please contact us below

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Without botanicals gin would simply be vodka. With endless botanicals to choose from it is these flavouing compunds that go into making each gin unique, and creating the closely guarded secret recipies of many of the top gins.

You will get to choose your botanicals depending on how you would like your gin to taste. Be it floral, spicey, earthy, fresh – we will have a wide selection of botanicals available for you to smell and decided if you want to use. If that sounds a bit overwhelming we will be there to give you as much guidance as you need.


This is where the fun really starts! Once you have selected your botanicals it comes time to carefully weigh out the quanitites, add them to your base alcohol and add this to the still.

Every person will get their own hand crafter copper put still to use. We will provide clear instructions on how to operate the still, and very soon you will be able to start smelling and tasting your distilate that will be coming off the still!

After that you will dilute the distilate back down to your preferred drinking strength, bottle and lable. Congratulations you have just created your first bottle of gin!

Gin and Tonics

During the course we will be providing a special gin and tonics for you to sample and enjoy while you are working away. Drinking while working? Well, one could call it quality checking and product research. Not bad eh?