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Alcohol infusions are fun! With such a vast array of flavours and aromas you can infuse into booze there really is no limit other than your imagination. From spice smoke infused rum, butter infused bourbon, grapefruit and rosemary infused vodka, to making your own compound gin by infusing vodka, there is something for everyone.

This workshop will show you the ins and outs of infusing different herbs, spices, and other random flavouring agents into booze. We will show you what you need to do, and what not to do, guide you on time scales and filtering methods, as well as cover things such as, cavitation methods, distillation, pressure and temperature.

As fun as it can be infusing different alcohols, we will also teach you how to use your newly crafted infusions so you can really enjoy them in the best way. Such as a cucumber infused gin and tonic, a rich butter infused bourbon old fashioned or a smoked rum negroni. Alternatively if you just want to do shots of skittle vodka then thats okay too!

Its a fun and interactive workshop suited for people in the hospitality trade and the casual home tinkerer alike. In the workshop you will be able to see different infusion techniques and have hands on creating your own special infusions that you will get to take home with you.

Workshop Details

  • Prices from €39
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • All materials included
  • A wide range of infusions and techniques covered
  • Take home your own creations
  • Private bookings available
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Workshop Format

This workshop changes depending on what we are infusing.

We usually start by covering some of the history of the base spirit, and will talk about different infusion methods, and which as best for different products. You will learn that some of your favorite brands of spirits and liqueurs are no more than simple infusions.

Finally we will have you make your own infusion, which can often include peeling, cutting, grinding, smoking, heating, cavitation, and many more various techniques to achieve the flavour you want. And of course you will get to put it into a beautiful bottle to take home with you.

The whole process is fun for all experiences – whether you’re just getting into it, a home cocktail connoisseur or a practicing cocktail bartender wanting to improve your tricks.

Reserve a Place

If you would like to reserve a place on our workshop please please go to our events calendar and select a date and venue that suits you.

Alternatively, if you dont see a date available we may be able to do a private session for you. See below for details.

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Private booking

Private workshops are available! Perfect for hen parties, private villas, events, functions, or just an activity to do between friends. We ask for a minimum of 3 people and can come to you, or you can choose to do the workshop at one of our partner venues.

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