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Refund Policy

Booking for all workshops is mandatory. Our workshops are small, intimate, and we have limited equipment which is expensive. This is why we require bookings to be confirmed with deposits. However, we strongly believe that the reason for the deposit is only to confirm your place. We understand that life can throw you off your intended course, so if you are unable to make it please just give us 24hrs notice and we will happily refund you what you have paid.

Should you wish to cancel less than 24hrs before the event then refunds will not be possible. Unfortunately business is business and this is Ibiza – we need to protect ourselves from those whom on a whim may decide to not make it just because they are too hung over from the afterparty the night before. Our intention is solely to attract genuinely interested people to our workshops, we hope you understand.

If you have any questions over refunds, or are in a position if you are unsure ahead of time if you will be able to make it, please contact us first. Many times we can make special arrangements if organised in advance.

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