Win a Free Gin Workshop

//Win a Free Gin Workshop

We need to name our stills

The Drink Workshop has 4 new shiny mini copper pot stills, and just like little babies, we want to name them. So we are deciding to hand it over to you to see who can some up with the best names! The entries that get selected will go on to win a totally free gin distillation workshop, where you get to make your own gin using the copper pot still that you named! How cool is that?

What’s in a name?

A lot it seems. A name becomes part of an emotional attachment. Just think when someone else says the name of your lover, how your ears prick up. It also seems names aren’t just restricted to people, animals also get the same emotional connection too. Even inanimate objects can also get the same love and affection, just think of all those people who name their boats. Then of course there are cars, toys, dolls, tools, and many other objects that people form some kind of bond with. The more character something has, the more it seems to be loved. And character can really just be another term for how used and broken something is! It just goes to show it is in our human nature to love something for its greatness and forgive its shortcomings.

It seems that regardless of what is being named, it is the affection and emotional attachment that creates the desire to call it something other than what it physically is.

Now, a still is an interesting beast in that each one is different. Like unique animals they all have their quirks; every distiller needs to form a relationship with their still, learning about the different ways in which they work. Some take longer to heat up, some have a certain procedure in which to seal the top, some accentuate certain flavours more than others, some leak at a certain temperature, some produce higher abv distillate, some don’t like running too fast, while some are just sensitive little creatures.

Still No.10 called

The mini No.10 still at the Tanqueray distillery called ‘Tiny Ten’


Its not unsurprising then to hear that a lot stills in distlleries around the world have been affectionately named by their users. Take Tanqueray 10 for example. This famous tip tier gin was developed in Tanquerays No. 10 still which was used for testing and trial runs until it eventially became the primary still to make Taanqueray 10. This still is lovingly referred to as ‘Tiny Ten’. Sipsmith have named their one-of-a-kind still Prudence. Southwestern Distillery in the UK named their special flame-fired still Tamara, the Goddess of Tamar. Martin Millers gin have named their named their beloved still Angela, and a South African distillery by the name of Oude Molen call their stills Big Bertha and Long Tom, both names after guns in different wars.


So, that brings us to our 4 baby copper pot stills. Hand made with love, they need to be named, and we want your help. We want you to suggest names for our stills. The 4 names we love the most will go on to become the names of the stills and the people who put foraward those names will win a free gin workshop where they get to use the very still they named!

Competition Details

  • Send us your idea for a name.

  • Entries cant be sent to or you can use our form below.

  • One name per entry, one entry per person.

  • Entries close this Sunday 21stĀ August at midnight.

  • In the chance that the same name is submitted by multiple people, then of all those who submitted that name will go into a pool, and winner will be randomly chosen from that pool.

  • The selected names for the stills will be announcedĀ the following week.

  • Winners will be notified by email.

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